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    Default Radio stopped working

    I just fixed an extremlly wierd problem...

    After changing two channels on two interfaces of the same distrobution system. I completely lost all commication with the system via ethernet.

    All of my distrobution systems are fed by two seperate backhauls.

    I could log into either backhaul and ping each backhaul but not the distrobution system.

    I power cycled the distrobution system remotely with the APC PDU, but it still didn't work.

    So I drove upto the tower site an hour away to run more tests, from the distrobution system I could ping itself and the APC PDU but neither backhaul. I power cycled the switch with no luck.

    On a whim I power cycled one of the backhauls and it immediately began working.

    The only thing I can figure is a corrupt routing table in the backhaul not allowing the reply to reach the distrobution system.


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    Sounds like ARP corruption, for sure.
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    Try the latest 4.8.x.x firmware. It is becoming very stable and complete.

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    Have you decided to include a method to clear the arp table yet?

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