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Ventana special - lonnie - 01-10-2020

For the next 2 weeks I am offering a Ventana with 2 WLE200NX cards.  They are 2.3 GHz to 6.1 GHz capable.

Sorry but right now there is no case so they are bare boards with 2 radio cards.  The price will be $200 each.  If you buy 2 then I will ship for free.  If you buy 10 the price is $175 and free shipping.

They will come loaded with OpenWrt which has great support for the Ventana and even has support for Atheros 802.11AC cards which can hit some very high numbers.  Sorry, but I don't have AC cards, just N.

This is a great way to roll out the new OpenWrt.

RE: Ventana special - lonnie - 01-27-2020

This has now over. Sorry if you missed it.