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MyWisp released - lonnie - 10-18-2019

Last night I uploaded a copy of MyWisp for general use. More info at

Please put it into its own directory as it will populate some files it needs in its program directory, so you don't want it on your desktop or mixed with another program.

Briefly, you will be asked to enter your password for future logins.  It will present you with an empty page and some buttons at the top.  Click the one for "Open Tree Form".  The buttons all have a help popup when you hover over them.

The Open Tree Form will then create a new form with a tree style list on the left with the filenames of data items.  Clicking on one of them will bring either a list of files, if the tree items was a directory, or will populate the middle form with the data in the item.  It will also place the item on a map, if it has a gps field, ie one of the Stargaze entries.

The data entry form is initial readonly (slightly reddish text) to avoid casual in improper data modification.  At the top of the entry form is an icon of a Pencil.  When you do the text will turn to black and you can change the data.  The Floppy Disk icon at the  top left will save the form.

Note that when the form is readonly, clicking on a field copies the data to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere with a Ctrl V.  It also has a popup that will likely need to be resized and moved.  Just click and drag the bottom right corner to resize.  Click and drag the top to move it.  This is a summary, in readonly, of the important fields you might want copied to be able to paste.

There is an SSH icon that will launch putty using the username and password to the url (if valid).

The Internet Explorer icon will launch your default Browser to the url and allow you to copy and paste info from that popup (or the data entry fields if in readonly mode).

You can also get the Browser by clicking on the url field or the icon in the entry form.  Right clicking on these items will launch putty instead.

It is a good idea to close the program after you have made the initial entries, as this will save your look and feel.  It should then restore to what it looked like when you closed it.

BTW, the thick, light blue bars between sections on the form will allow you to customize the spaces between sections.  That layout is also saved on exit and restored when you run the program.

RE: MyWisp released - lonnie - 10-18-2019

If you click and drag a picture to the data entry form it will be entered into the icon field. You can also click and drag and drop right to the icon field.

On the form top right is a camera icon. If you click it you will get a popup which allows you to grab screen sections to the clipboard which can be pasted to any graphics editor with a Ctrl V. If you want to have it in the icon field, you need to double click on the icon in the entry form.

RE: MyWisp released - lonnie - 10-18-2019

Form Designer operation.

Many times you will want to add or delete fields in a form. Click the Pencil to go into read-write mode and then click the Easel icon just to the right of the Pencil. The form will then show an added section on the left. Click on a field and the field info (not the data) shows up in the new section. You can change the values to increase/decrease the field type, size and label. The arrows allow you move the field location and the Floppy icon at the bottom right saves the field changes you have made.

Note that I have designed a Free Form database, so you can have any sort of info in the entry form. I had a Sqlite SQL version but it was limited to fields I had designed it for, and I was always wanting more or seeing useless fields for some forms.

One of the more interesting fields is the Spreadsheet. If you add one to your form, just make sure you have the size large enough, ie width 90% and height at least 400 to be useful. It is Excel compatible and you can even open an external spreadsheet or simply create your own data. Clicking the Floppy icon at top left of the form will save the form with the spreadsheet. When you open an external spreadsheet you need to select the Open XML format with xlsx extension.

It is suggested that you use a descriptive label and that you give a lowercase name to the Name field. Those field names are used internally for updating and populating the popup data selection form.

RE: MyWisp released - lonnie - 10-18-2019

Note this program will run for 90 days unlicensed to give you a good feel for its usefulness. At any time you may purchase a license at under the Windows Software dropdown box.

It will ask you for the Request Key which you get from the License Menu entry of the program near the top left. Copy the issued license into the form on the Right and then click the Save and Continue button.

Note you will obtain a license at and will need to put, in advance, a credit of $20.00 in US Funds. This is recorded in your account and will have the license fee deducted. If you want more than a few license, I offer a $2.00 bonus for any credit of $100 or more.

If you are an existing customer, and have credit in your account, then you don't have to add any additional funds by PayPal. The fee will be deducted from your account balance.