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  WAR1B - 2.4Ghz
Posted by: ninedd - 08-19-2019, 01:24 PM - Forum: User to User Commerce - No Replies

Does anyone have any WAR1B 2.4Ghz (Gecko) that you are willing to sell - either new or working pulls?  Preferably someone in Canada, but anywhere if you have some and are willing to sell - Aug 19/2019.
PM me. Smile
- Thanx.

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  New 2.4 GHz hardware coming
Posted by: lonnie - 02-13-2019, 11:42 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (14)

The next generation of 802.11nbg units are coming.

There will be a true external antenna model that is not a retrofit of a unit with an internal antenna.  Ken is considering offering 5 dB whip antennas for the places where distance is not an issue and a circular pattern would be a benefit.  They would be ideal for in home and other hot-spot style uses.

The complete unit with an antenna would be very similar to the existing War1B, except is uses newer chips and has a faster CPU.

The really BIG change is that Openwrt will be the firmware.  I have become quite proficient with Openwrt and it is a decent replacement for StarOS.  Unfortunately it will have a Web User Interface only.  I can hear the groans and the cheers, but suffice to say I have no other option at the moment.  I am not a huge fan of Web Gui simply because it generates so much traffic and is slow.  The reality, though, is that it can configure everything that is needed, and actually gets rarely used.  Not many people will change configurations daily.

Initially the software will be stock Openwrt, but I am busy adding the capability for Licensed channels and the Sync feature.

The one thing I get from Openwrt, that I truly am in need of, is support.  With Tony gone, there was a big gap, but with Openwrt that is now filled quite nicely.  The kernel, driver and pretty much all system programs are very new and the Openwrt guys are continually updating as new things are released.

I have run a test with a 2.4 GHz AP and 5 associated clients.  4 of those clients were doing an iperf throughput test, all at the same time.  So it was 4 BIG users beating on it for 2 days.  Not a single dropout, stall, or reboot.  Using the bandwidth limiter I leveled them all at 15 mbps and they got anywhere from 10 mbps to 15 mbps, which was quite impressive.  Normally a big user with strong signal will hog the bandwidth, which is not good when you are trying to make everybody content.

So, I have great faith in the hardware and firmware.  This should get us back to the days when our units ran forever.

I would be very interested in feedback about this.

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  New products with 11ac support
Posted by: lonnie - 09-29-2018, 07:34 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (1)

In the week before I went on a holiday I confirmed that StarOS does in fact have support for the 11ac cards, but the user interface is not complete.

Ken has ordered me some development boards for 11ac units similar to the War1B.  Without Tony I am having to face the task of developing for a new platform, and the task would be rather difficult.  However, these new units have full OpenWRT support.  I have played with OpenWRT for the Ventana to build a network storage device, and I am comfortable with it.  The web UI is not as easy as StarOPS for some things and is way easier for others.  Flip a coin.

One thing I have found is that the Ventana build, using the very latest 18.06.x is very stable for 11n and the 11ac support is very good.  Both card varieties have been run to multiple clients and have passed more than 24 hours of simultaneous throughput testing.  Using a single antenna, ie 1x1, the 11ac is giving me well over 200 mbps, and that is kinda awesome for a drop in backhaul replacement.  As needs grow it would only require a 2x2 antenna to achieve 400+ mpbs.

So, I will be switching new development from StarOS to OpenWRT.  I like the StarOS user interface and I will be updating the drivers to the latest OpenWRT drivers, but only after I get the OpenWRT builds done.  I am expecting for Ken to have the Wa1B style units available in 30 to 45 days, so if you need 11ac they are very close now and will meet your needs.

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  War1b use 3 or 4 as sectors
Posted by: sandfox007 - 09-08-2018, 11:35 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

We have been revisiting our older single polarity access points and replacing the sectors with War1-B units to gain the dual polarity and we have been able to change from 10 Meg wide channels to 20 Meg and go 2 x 2 and increased through put. With competitors all going 3.65 Ghz & 5 Ghz systems we have gone to the ## and 2300 band where there is less noise and interference.
Looking to replace some broomstick omni access points with either 3 or 4 for full coverage. Anyone tried this? Any suggestions? Thanks

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  Multiple Ethernet StarOS Router
Posted by: ninedd - 08-13-2018, 09:14 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Does anyone have suggestions for hardware with multiple Ethernet ports which can run StarOS?  I'm thinking an 8-16 port router machine - something along the lines of hardware like a Mikrotik 2011 or 3011, which runs StarOS.  

PS.  My Private Message capacity is full, so I can't receive any Private Messages apparently.

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  Forums - Private Message Capacity
Posted by: ninedd - 08-13-2018, 09:01 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

I can't receive any more Private Messages, it says my capacity is full.  If I delete some messages, it still says my capacity is full. Can the limit be increased?

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  Ventana SUPER sale
Posted by: lonnie - 07-13-2018, 12:51 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (1)

The Ventana boards are on a HUGE sale, available only at http://store.gigabit-gecko.com

I am not sure how long this will run, but this would be a good time to get some of them to play with.

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  MyWisp Password Organizer
Posted by: lonnie - 07-13-2018, 12:45 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (3)

I have made the Password Organizer available for download and sale.


It is a secure password storage program with a powerful Mapping addon.    The system utilizes a FreeForm database, meaning that any record can hold any items you wish.  I even have a Spreadsheet that can be a standalone TAB or embedded in a data record.

The Wisp features are that it nicely maps the units and allows you draw lines connecting them.  It also has the ability to gather the remote information and store it locally.  It can upload and update a system with new firmware.  It has a single click to SSH in the site.  For Browser access it has a popup with the username and password info that copies to the system clipboard with a single click, then paste it to the data form.  

I do not let my Browser save that info, because I am quite worried about having that info too easily accessible.  For instance, and I cannot remember which browser, but I was presented with a screen that would allow me to gather all of the passwords from any other browser I have installed.  This seems quite helpful, BUT, the issue is that if the browser can do it, then any malware can definitely do it as well, and that is TRULY scary.  By not allowing the browser to be "helpful" you have a lot more security.  

You might think this all just a waste of time and energy, imagine the time and energy you will waste if your login information ever gets compromised.  Do you even have a list of sites you would need to change login info for?

The free Trial period is 90 days which will give you plenty of time to decide whether the system is worth $20 or not.

I use my install to organize pretty much every bit of data.  My banking is available, as are all of my Software License and Website that I visit.  All database info is stored using AES 256 bit encryption.  If you choose a decent Master Password you should be quite safe from password brute force and dictionary attacks.  This will allow you to have strong, unique passwords for nearly every online site, rather than using one you can remember and being vulnerable should one of those sites get compromised.

Please have a look and feel free to PM me with any suggestions or requests.

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  New Firmware Uploads
Posted by: lonnie - 07-13-2018, 12:23 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (3)

I have added some more firmware uploads at http://files.star-os.com

Of particular interest is the beta section where I have War1B and Ventana trials using an older Driver with the modern additions.  It actually seems more stable than the newer drivers.

The only explanation I can think of is that the newer drivers have the failed attempts to fix the stall issue.  In general it is a good idea to remove code that does not fix and issue, but it seems this was never done, with the result of possibly new issues being added to compound the situation.

Anyway, I would be interested in the results.

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  What is this error message
Posted by: go.fast - 07-11-2018, 08:46 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 412    0x0400 0x2e6cce00   66   (null)               ^│
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 413    0x0c00 0x10aad800 1448   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 414    0x0400 0x2e6ccf00   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 415    0x0c00 0x10aae800 1448   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 416    0x0400 0x2e6cd000   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 417    0x0c00 0x10aaf800 1448   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 418    0x0400 0x2e6cd100   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 419    0x0c00 0x10ab0800 1448   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 420    0x0400 0x2e6cd200   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 421    0x1c00 0x10ab1800 1448 9daf8400                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 422    0x1c00 0x10ab1000 1514 8088b880                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 423    0x0400 0x2e6cd380   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 424    0x0c00 0x10ab2000 1448   (null)               *│
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 425    0x0400 0x2e6cd480   66   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 426    0x0c00 0x10ab3000 1448   (null)                │
│Jul 10 15:59:18 kernel: 427    0x0400 0x2e6cd580   66   (null)

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