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  New Cloudbased Downloads
Posted by: lonnie - 02-15-2020, 03:39 PM - Forum: General News - No Replies


Not all the items are there yet.  I'm still perfecting the firmware for the new 2.4 GHz hardware.

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  Ventana special
Posted by: lonnie - 01-10-2020, 04:57 AM - Forum: General News - Replies (1)

For the next 2 weeks I am offering a Ventana with 2 WLE200NX cards.  They are 2.3 GHz to 6.1 GHz capable.

Sorry but right now there is no case so they are bare boards with 2 radio cards.  The price will be $200 each.  If you buy 2 then I will ship for free.  If you buy 10 the price is $175 and free shipping.

They will come loaded with OpenWrt which has great support for the Ventana and even has support for Atheros 802.11AC cards which can hit some very high numbers.  Sorry, but I don't have AC cards, just N.

This is a great way to roll out the new OpenWrt.

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  OpenWrt for new hardware
Posted by: lonnie - 01-06-2020, 04:39 PM - Forum: Hardware Reports - Replies (18)

Late, very late, last night I was able to modify OpenWrt and perfectly track a StarOS ## on 5 GHz, from 4.9 to the top.  It is all manual to set it, so now I have to automate that.  But it works.

I had to abandon the idea of porting StarOS to the new hardware.  I have OpenWrt going very nicely on the hardware and all I was lacking was the licensed channels.

I will not even try for the 5 & 10 MHz channels.  My testing shows it is all about air time.  So if you use a standard 20 MHz channel and set a throughput limit, it frees up all of the air time for other units on or near the same channel.

What this also means is that as new hardware becomes available it will be much easier to support.

I expect to have this all tidied up in a couple of weeks.  I know this has been said before, but it was always at the start of the project, never this close to the end, an it is working.  I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours to get this.  I'm maybe too stubborn, but I don't quit.

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  New hardware nearly has StarOS ported
Posted by: lonnie - 10-22-2019, 10:20 PM - Forum: Hardware Reports - Replies (11)

I have been successful at getting one of the new pieces of hardware running StarOS.  It is the unit with external antennas and is fine except for the wifi driver, which does not load.

It is booting, saving configs, etc so the bulk of the work is done.  Cleanup remains and it will be an item that Ken will be able ship.

Because it is StarOS it will mean that the ## channels will be available as well as the 5 & 10 MHz channels (in licensed mode).


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  Registration Benefits
Posted by: lonnie - 10-18-2019, 05:12 PM - Forum: General News - No Replies

If you want to only read the Forums, you can do so without registration.

If you would like to make posts for Support and Suggestions you will need to register for an account

If you want to send a PM (Private Message) to me you will also need to register.

I do NOT use the email for any purpose, other than for login, so you will NOT be getting any spam as a result of registering.  I hate spam as much as anybody and will not stoop to that tactic.  I also will NOT be selling your email.  As I said, it is strictly for registration as a rudimentary validation attempt.

Note, that sometimes the Forums will send you an email, to notify you if you have contravened any of the rules of good forums etiquette, but absolutely no sales stuff.

If you desire to talk with me, then PM.  If your topic requires more than a simple answer, hen give me your email so that I may respond that way.  I use gmail and it is nice to be able to search my history.  The PM system is not searchable and gets cumbersome after a bit.

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  MyWisp released
Posted by: lonnie - 10-18-2019, 04:15 PM - Forum: Gigabit Gecko MyWisp Data Organizer - Replies (3)

Last night I uploaded a copy of MyWisp for general use. More info at http://www.star-os.com/

Please put it into its own directory as it will populate some files it needs in its program directory, so you don't want it on your desktop or mixed with another program.

Briefly, you will be asked to enter your password for future logins.  It will present you with an empty page and some buttons at the top.  Click the one for "Open Tree Form".  The buttons all have a help popup when you hover over them.

The Open Tree Form will then create a new form with a tree style list on the left with the filenames of data items.  Clicking on one of them will bring either a list of files, if the tree items was a directory, or will populate the middle form with the data in the item.  It will also place the item on a map, if it has a gps field, ie one of the Stargaze entries.

The data entry form is initial readonly (slightly reddish text) to avoid casual in improper data modification.  At the top of the entry form is an icon of a Pencil.  When you do the text will turn to black and you can change the data.  The Floppy Disk icon at the  top left will save the form.

Note that when the form is readonly, clicking on a field copies the data to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere with a Ctrl V.  It also has a popup that will likely need to be resized and moved.  Just click and drag the bottom right corner to resize.  Click and drag the top to move it.  This is a summary, in readonly, of the important fields you might want copied to be able to paste.

There is an SSH icon that will launch putty using the username and password to the url (if valid).

The Internet Explorer icon will launch your default Browser to the url and allow you to copy and paste info from that popup (or the data entry fields if in readonly mode).

You can also get the Browser by clicking on the url field or the icon in the entry form.  Right clicking on these items will launch putty instead.

It is a good idea to close the program after you have made the initial entries, as this will save your look and feel.  It should then restore to what it looked like when you closed it.

BTW, the thick, light blue bars between sections on the form will allow you to customize the spaces between sections.  That layout is also saved on exit and restored when you run the program.

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  Where did my License Keys Credit Go?
Posted by: lonnie - 10-15-2019, 10:45 PM - Forum: General News - Replies (1)

Unfortunately my last functional database backup was from Feb 2019.  This means tha ALL licenses issued after that time until now are gone, as are your credits and charges.

To be fair about this, I will be going through the PayPal records and will add in your credits.  I have no way to add the charges for issued licenses so you will have a credit if you ever need to lookup one up and it is missing.  Just buy a new one using your credit.

Handy TIP - The MyWisp program, nearly ready for release, will allow you to record the site Request Keys and Licenses.  If you load MyWisp and do this then you will be keeping your own Archive and will have a credit for future use.

MyWisp keeps track of the site info and can even place them on a map.  It can get stats and logs, do updates and makes it easy to do ssh or browser logins.

It uses RSA 2048 for all password and confidential fields, so it is very secure.  I use it for my all of my Banking and use the random password generator for a strong, unique password for every site.  No more using one password for everything.  The same with all my software licenses and registrations.

MyWisp will run for 90 days and then will need a license, which will be $20.  You might even consider using some of your restored credit to buy a license or two for MyWisp.

For info:  http://gigabit-gecko.com    When I do release it, there will be an announcement on this Forums and the files site will have the actual download.

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  Things are coming back live
Posted by: lonnie - 10-15-2019, 10:19 PM - Forum: General News - No Replies

We had 3 servers with Hostflyte, in different cities.  Looking to save time and storage I set things up to do backups between the machines.  The rationale was that if all machines in 3 cities went down, the world was having more issues than our server problems.  Was I ever wrong.  Two weeks ago all of the servers went dead and what followed was a game of delay delay.  Finally I just went ahead and ordered a business internet feed and setup a nice HP I7 quad core server with 16 GB ram and 256 GB SSD disk.

Originally it was to be have been a VmWare image since I have used it for many years to do StarOS development on a windows host.  It is great, BUT, by the time Windows had wanted to do an update and reboot for the third time in a week I could see trouble.  So a dedicated machine, in house is now the way of the future.  No more far-off cloud crap.  I want something I can touch.

So, the dedicated box was configured and the routing was setup so I could use my static and my dynamic IP. 

One of the big tasks was the license server since it was built with old 32 bit libraries.  By the time I had upgraded everything to latest and greatest, a week had gone by, but it is now better than ever.

I was in the process of upgrading the old MyBB Forums and the upgrade decided to KILL the MySQL server.  How can that be?  I removed and re-installed MySQL.  PostgreSQL has always been a solid and fast database server.  This new Flux Forums is one of the few Forums that support PostgreSQL.  We'll see when it gets some users and posts, but I have faith.  My operation is tiny compared to what some people are doing with it.  ** Update  I had 3 pages of garbage spammers registered in less than a day, so I went back to MyBB and will not be trying to import or rebuild.  It is beginning fresh, which is OK, because most of the previous Forums was historical and not very relevant today.  **  Sorry to say but you will have to register to be able to post.

Oh, and I found out that MyBB does support Postgres, but after the shock of that many spammers knocking on the door, I want MyBB to use a different database server.  MyBB has ZERO spam registrations in over 24 hours.  What a difference so anti-spam check makes.

In that vein, I am also going to redo the StarOS website and ditch the WordPress core as it used MySQL.  It was nice with the firewall they provided but in reality all they did was use Linux facilities.

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