View Full Version : Star-OS 1.12.1 problems

07-02-2003, 08:22 PM
After installing the newest Star-OS version 1.12.1 (and 1.12.0) system is
unable to find PCMCIA cards with chipsets Prism, Hermes and Ruby.
With verson 1.11.11 everything was working properly with 2.4.20cd kernel. But
verion 1.12.1 with kernel 2.4.20cd 75 SMP is dedicated for multiprocessor
machines with APIC function automatically added. Probably APIC isn't mapping IRQs
correctly. Has anyone had this kind of problem?
Adam Nieweglowski

07-03-2003, 12:23 AM
There were two Editions that had problems in the 1.12.x release. The CPE Desktop, and the Router Desktop Editions. The Router Desktop Edition was fixed with the release of v1.12.1, and the CPE Desktop (which has been temporarily removed from download site) will be fixed in v1.12.2 which is due out later today if testing goes well.

The symptoms were an inability to detect any wireless cards (pci and pcmcia). CBQ and ip accounting also failed to start. (failed message on bootup)


07-03-2003, 07:42 AM
Installed 1.12.1 on new PC's (Intel 1.7ghz, 512mb ram, Intel mb) Using Ricoh PCMCIA adapters and Orinoco "ruby" silver cards (8.72 fw).

WDS was working and getting 30+ SNR on 3.5mile link. WDS is as follows: 12db Omni 250mw amp (base). 24dbi parabolic, 40ft LMR 400 (satelite WDS). Using Orinoco silver and ricoh adapters on all equipment.

Link just went dead. Rebooted system (satelite), on bootup, it starts beeping when trying to detect the PCMCIA adapters. Eventually say it detected my Three PCMCIA cards, and continues to bootup OK.

I've tried the PCMCIA feature in StarOS, no help.
I've manually set the IRQ's for each Ricoh in the Intel motherboard BIOS, no help.

I hooked up the LMR 400 cable and antenna (satelite) to my laptop, with a Orinoco silver "ruby" card that I have entered into the WDS list so I can use my laptop to tune the WDS antennas. This works perfect. I get associated in the base station list, and 30+ SNR.

Next, I tried this on my next satelite location which would not get the link.
same effect.

The WDS is using 64bit WEP, the AP is NOT disabled yet, so I could scan for the WDS base backhaul.

I DON'T have the Plug-n-Play feature enabled in the BIOS. Should I?

I DOUBLE CHECKEd my WEP keys on all systems, still no effect.

Need help!!